myGrid is now called the eScience Lab. These pages are provided for archival purposes.
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The myGrid team develop and use tools to allow users access to the capabilities of e-Science. The tools can be categorized functionally as supporting:

  • workflow creation, editing and execution – such as Taverna
  • social networking by scientists and the sharing of workflows – myExperiment
  • interfaces that are specialized for the needs of users – UTOPIA
  • service creation and registry tools – such as SoapLab and the BioCatalogue
  • ontology creation and checking tools – such as Protege
  • metadata encapsulation – Scientific Research Objects
  • the use of portal creation software

The tools can also be categorized according to their origin:

  • tools developed by the consortium specifically for the e-Laboratory such as Taverna and myExperiment
  • tools developed by members of the consortium that are used by the e-Laboratory such as COHSE
  • external tools such as Protege

If you are interested in contributing to the development of myExperiment or Taverna, or in developing services specifically for Taverna, then please look at the developer information.