The myGrid team have produced and continue to develop a suite of tools designed to “help e-Scientists get on with science and get on with scientists”. The tools support the creation of e-laboratories and have been used in domains as diverse as systems biology, social science, music, astronomy, multimedia and chemistry. The tools have been adopted by a large number of projects and institutions.

Design, editing and execution of workflows

Scientific workflow preservation

A collection of interactive tools for analysing protein sequence and structure

A PDF reader that connects the static content of scientific articles to the dynamic world of online content

Semantic annotation of text, by stealth

Finding, sharing and exchanging data,
models and processes in Systems Biology

Service Catalographer Domain-independent cataloguing of Web services

Cataloging and annotation of services

Sharing of workflows and related data

Browse datasets and share knowledge

Enabling reproducible, transparent research

A platform for integrating pharmacological data, and providing tools and services to query it

The Kidney & Urinary Pathway Knowledge Base

These tools form the basis for the team’s work on e-Labs.