myGrid is now called the eScience Lab. These pages are provided for archival purposes.
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The myGrid consortium are currently involved in three kinds of projects.

There are also a large number of projects that the team have been involved with in the past:

  • ADVISES – Adaptive visualization for eScience
  • caGrid Project – Support for running cancer-research workflows
  • ComparaGrid – Querying of genomic relationships
  • e-Fungi – Webservices for comparative genomics
  • ESNW – Centre for Collaborative Multidisciplinary e-Research in the North West
  • ISpider – Proteomics workflows
  • MIASGrid – Medical Imaging
  • OntoGenesis – Specification of biology ontologies
  • OntoGrid – Infrastructure for open services for the semantic Grid
  • Sealife – Semantic grid browser for the life sciences
  • Semantic Provenance Project – Integrating functionality between two university systems
  • Web Services for Life Sciences (BioCatalogue)
  • NeISS – National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation
  • Obesity e-Lab – eInfrastructure for collaborative research into obesity
  • Shared Genomics – Use of to run workflows
  • REFINE – Text mining and visualisation
  • ONDEX – Integration of Biological data
  • e-LICO – virtual laboratory for collaborative research
  • HELIO – Services and workflows for HelioPhysics
  • SageCite – citation framework for linking data, methods and publications
  • FISH.Link – producing tools that allow fresh water biologists to publish data in to the Linked data Cloud