4.3. Example application

The next section includes the sourcecode for an example wrapper to WorkflowLauncher that demonstrates the procedure for setting up Raven and invoking the WorkflowLauncher. This example can be downloaded from http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/taverna/workflowlauncher-1.7.0.zip?download and is built using Maven. It is also available in the Taverna source tree under /examples/workflowlauncher, though note that this isn't always guarenteed to work due to the use of undeployed SNAPSHOT artifact versions. To make execution simple it makes use of the maven plugin appassembler, so to build simply issue the command:

mvn package appassembler:assemble

This will build the application to target/appassembler and can be invoked with the bin/runme[.bat] script which takes the following parameters:

runme [-inputdoc <path to input doc>] [-outputdoc <path to output doc>]
      [-basedir <path to local repository download dir>] 
       -workflow <path to workflow scufl file>