myGrid is now called the eScience Lab. These pages are provided for archival purposes.
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Collaboration with NBIC

The Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre is actively working with the myGrid team and Marco Roos, a myGrid , attends (by phone) many myGrid meetings. The NBIC and VL-e (see below) have adopted as their workflow system.

NBIC organises courses and tutorials on workflows and Web Services to teach developers and managers how its done and what the concepts are.


BioRange is the research project based at NBIC. In the context of BioRange, a number of people have created workflows. For example, Taverna workflows have been to access services within the AIDA toolkit.

Ingo Wassink created the R service for Taverna.

The members of NBIC are active users of myExperiment.


BioAssist is a bioinformatics support project based at NBIC.

BioAssist is currently in a preparative phase with respect to Taverna workflows: most groups are in the process of creating web services and are investigating how their existing work can be linked to the workflow paradigm. Nevertheless, workflows should be a result of all platforms, or at least services to enable the creation of workflows.

Richard Holland connected the Dutch Life Science Grid provided by SARA to Taverna. A second programmer will work from Taverna to e-Labs in order to allow bioinformaticians to help biologists better.

Virtual Laboratory for e-Science

The Virtual Laboratory for e-Science (vl-e) is a consortium representing twenty-six companies and academic institutions throughout the Netherlands. Its mission is “to boost e-Science by creating an e-Science environment and carrying out research on methodologies”.