myGrid is now called the eScience Lab. These pages are provided for archival purposes.
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The myGrid team take a strong interest in active collaboration with other projects and initiatives.  The full collaborative efforts of the members of the myGrid team are not described here, only those directly related to myGrid. The team also collaborate with many of the users who have their tools.

The team collaborate on specific research or tooling areas such as:

  • Other workflow systems to ensure that the diverse needs of users are satisfied
  • Workflow stability i.e. whether the services that a workflow uses have changed or disappeared
  • Grid execution to allow users access to the high power computing resources
  • Provenance to allow the interchange of information about the running of a workflow and its results, and the interrogation of the results to evaluate the data lineage

The myGrid team also collaborate closely with some of our users such as Netherlands BioInformatics Centre.

If you are interested in collaborating with the myGrid team, or are interested in more information about our collaborations, then please Contact Us.